The Irreverent Reverend

I am not sure if I am ‘irreverent’ or not. I did not come up with this title for myself – as appropriate as it may seem at times. I am not sure if I am a ‘blogger’ or not either. I feel late to the game on that front. I don’t read other people’s blogs as a general rule. If I do it is because someone I respect or trust has suggested it via a social media platform – usually Facebook or Twitter (am a bit old school).

Irreverent means to have or show a lack of respect or seriousness for someone or something that is usually shown respect. I do not think that I show a lack of respect (at least I hope that I don’t!) very often to people or things or myself – so disagree with the title on that front.

Seriousness is another matter – I know that I am not always as serious as I could, should or need to be. Both outwardly and inwardly. I hold a lot of things loosely. This is not the same as to hold something or someone casually, carelessly or lightly. By loosely I mean to give space to, room to grow, change, morph. I appreciate a loose grip because I know that I am held tightly to God. Not a breath, cell or hair is unnoticed! I think I hold things loosely because I have been disappointed in people and things – some of these disappointments have cut deeply and left wounds (things left open) and scars (things that are now closed).

A loose hold allows these things to be taken away if needed. They may be returned or they might not be. A loose hold allows God to work. My tight holding has often suffocated and crushed that which I wanted (or thought I wanted). I also tend to take the wrong things far too seriously. Much to my shame and embarrassment a lot of the time.

Maybe I am irreverent then. But respectfully so. Less seriously but not unserious.

Author: Sue Lepp

Newly appointed Priest-in-Charge of the Hambleden Valley Group of Churches and will start later in January 2021. Time for a new start at the beginning of a new year. I served my curacy in the Parish of Langley Marish and trained at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford. Former Nurse in both Canada and the UK. Specialised in Palliative Care, Gynaecology-Oncology and a bit of Orthopaedics (just to keep me travelling). Worked as a MacMillan Nurse Specialist in a few specialities in London.

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